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Such a Merry Christmas

Thank you so much to Classicbuilders Nz for the beautiful gifts delivered today! Just as we dried our tears from that drop off Blair & Kirsty Cashmore – Bayleys Real Estate in with bicycles and then we just get over that one and Rex, Claire and Donna from ISO Limited dropped in with a ‘wagon load’ of Christmas hams and grocery vouchers! Just when we had sort of recovered our dignity, the children called the office staff to their house and presented us each with a piece of their creative artwork – we’ve been so overwhelmed and emotional today! We are so privileged to live in this caring, generous community! Our children are going to have a most amazing Christmas! We cannot begin to express how overcome and grateful we are with all the food, clothes, gifts, messages of encouragement and other support we’ve received from you all! THANK YOU – seems such in inadequate word to express how we are feeling, but we sincerely mean it! Merry Christmas everyone!img_1799 img_4445







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