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Help us provide safe, loving homes where brothers and sisters in care can stay together for as long as they need – join us as a Friend of Homes of Hope today!

Over 6,000 New Zealand children are in foster care due to serious neglect or abuse and, despite best intentions, they are often separated from their brothers and sisters and can change families up to three times per year! We work to provide safe, loving homes where brothers and sisters in foster care can live together.

Your support enables us to:

  • provide safe, loving homes for vulnerable children
  • help keep brothers and sisters together whenever possible
  • provide the care and support a seriously neglected or abused child needs to heal and become a great New Zealander

If you choose to support Homes of Hope you will be welcomed as a Friend and will receive:

  • regular updates on our homes and children, enabling you to keep in touch and monitor the progress of the Trust
  • most of all – a sense of achievement, knowing that you are helping to change lives and keep brothers and sisters in care together

How much should I give?

We are asking people like you to support Homes of Hope by donating a small amount on a regular basis. Many people ask us how much they should give. The answer is, of course, just as much as you feel able to. We think that $1 a day (about $30/month) isn’t too much to ask of most people. However, this is just a suggestion and the amount you donate remains your decision.

Why support Homes for Hope?

We have already cared for over 250 children. Some are now young adults. Here are some of the things they have said:

  • “I was in 52 different homes during my time in care, including four years at Homes of Hope. When I was at Homes of Hope it was the only time I felt like I was home and my siblings and I could all stay together as a family”
  • “The best thing about Homes of Hope was all the love and support everyone had for us kids”
  • “I’m thankful for what Homes of Hope did to my life. Homes of Hope taught me to go down the right path and I have”
  • “Homes of Hope taught me how to love and respect one another and how to ride a bike”