Leave a gift of hope
Leave a gift of hope
When you are considering your will, your family and loved ones come first, of course. But many people find that after they have made provision for this they would also like to leave a gift to a cause that they hold dear. Leaving a gift to Homes of Hope in your will is one of the most valuable and lasting ways to support our work.

Homes of Hope has already achieved so much, having cared for over 150 children. Some are now young adults and it’s great to see how well they are doing – evidence that our unique therapeutic approach is working. However, there is still so much more we can do and finance is our greatest constraint. To find out more about our vision for the future please take a look at the video below by our founder Hilary Price.

If you do decide to make this special kind of gift to Homes of Hope, it’s important that you use our full legal name: Homes of Hope Charitable Trust

And in case it’s useful, an example of the wording you could use is given here:

“I give to Homes of Hope Charitable Trust ___% of my estate OR the rest and residue of my estate OR the sum of $_____ for its general purposes free of probate and estate duties payable upon or in consequence of my death. I declare that the receipt of its Executive Director, Treasurer or other authorised officer shall be sufficient discharge to my executors.”

For more information about how to leave a gift to Homes of Hope in your will, please contact Hilary Price on: hilary@homesofhope.org.nz

If you make the generous decision to include Homes of Hope in your will, please let Hilary know so we can thank you properly.

Frequently asked questions

A will is a legal document that can safeguard the future of the people and causes you most cherish. It records exactly how you wish your assets and possessions to be distributed after your death. Having a will brings peace of mind, knowing that your affairs are in order.

A bequest is a gift of cash or property documented in a will. This can involve a one-off payment or can provide income in perpetuity, and is a thoughtful way to support your beneficiaries in the future.

We recommend that you consult your lawyer or other legal advisor to ensure that your will is worded correctly and witnessed and signed properly. If you do not have a lawyer, contact the New Zealand Law Society, www.lawsociety.org.nz, or your local Citizens Advice Bureau, www.cab.org.nz

If you have already written a will, your lawyer can add a codicil to keep your will up to date.

You do not need to be wealthy to leave a gift in your will. Bequests come in all sizes and are all valued by Homes of Hope Charitable Trust. Many people find that a bequest is an ideal way to make a lasting contribution without impacting on their financial needs during their lifetime.

We appreciate that looking after your family is your priority. Once you are happy that their needs are provided for you may wish to consider leaving a bequest to Homes of Hope Charitable Trust to help care for foster children.

Your lawyer will be able to provide wording for your will to take account of any changes in your family or personal circumstances, such as marriage or divorce, and the birth of children or grandchildren. It is important to review your will regularly and make any updates that are needed.

There are a number of options for leaving a gift in your will to Homes of Hope Charitable Trust:
A specific sum or percentage of your estate:

A specific sum is an option but it is a good idea to think about the effects of inflation over time. What may seem like a large amount now may not seem so in years to come. Nominating a percentage of your estate instead of a cash sum means that you do not have to keep adjusting your gift to allow for inflation.

The residue of your estate:

You may bequeath what is left from your estate after all other gifts and costs have been deducted.

A specific gift of property or other assets:

A bequest does not have to be for cash, it may be for real estate, shares, jewellery or other property you own at the time of your death.

As your bequest is unlikely to be realised for some years to come, we recommend that it is unrestricted, so that our successors can have the flexibility to direct it to the area of greatest need at the time. However, if you are interested in directing your gift to a specific area of our work please contact us. Any bequest details that you choose to share with us will remain confidential.

If you have any questions
please call us on (07) 578 9826