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As a registered charity we receive no regular government aid and we rely on the help of people like you. All donations are gratefully received and how you choose to support us is your decision, however many people ask us the best way to support the Trust. Looking after vulnerable children is a long term commitment and the best way to support Homes of Hope is to make a regular gift as a Friend of Homes of Hope – please take a look at our Friends of Homes of Hope page and consider making a regular gift.If you prefer to make a one off donation to help with our work (instead of become a Friend of Homes of Hope) please use the form below:

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Why support Homes of Hope?

We have already cared for over 250 children. Some are now young adults. Here are some of the things they have said:

  • “I was in 52 different homes during my time in care, including four years at Homes of Hope. When I was at Homes of Hope it was the only time I felt like I was home and my siblings and I could all stay together as a family”
  • “The best thing about Homes of Hope was all the love and support everyone had for us kids”
  • “I’m thankful for what Homes of Hope did to my life. Homes of Hope taught me to go down the right path and I have”
  • “Homes of Hope taught me how to love and respect one another and how to ride a bike”