Volunteer for us
You have a significant role to play in the on-going effective running of each home. There are a myriad of opportunities for you to become involved. We are interested and passionate about what makes you tick and how we can help you to contribute in ways which are meaningful to you. God’s economy works like that – blessed to be a blessing, symbiotic relationships bring fruitful and sustained results.

Consider your giftings, strengths, passions, hobbies, skills.

Next consider what time you have available to give.

Now contact us and we can discuss your “fit” within our Organisation.

Some Suggestions for Support for Homes of Hope are:


Transport (school, sport, shops etc), spending time with children, playing games (indoor/outdoor), organising activities or anything as per instructions from House Parents or office, babysitting – one regular night/fortnight.


One-on-one time, weekend visits and activities, phone calls, helping with outings, being a positive, consistent role model.


Washing, laundry, vacuuming, spring cleaning, baking, cooking dinner, lunch preparation.


Weeding, trimming hedges, lawns, sweep/tidy yards, rubbish removal.

Administration Support:

Phones, databases, filing, project work, Life Books for children.

Fundraising Team:

Join our fundraising team for general needs and/or specific projects or events.

Please contact us to discuss your capacity to assist our precious children. We look forward to hearing from you.