Satellite Homes

Satellite Homes

Our vision for satellite homes is “to be the provider of the very best quality and innovative, therapeutic out-of-home-care in Aotearoa/NZ for children, through a network of sites and service centres, supporting caring, child-centred community homes within supportive communities.”

Our mission is to “make a lasting difference by building our children together. Manaakitia a tatou kura pounamu.”


About satellite homes

We call our Family homes out in our community “Satellite Homes.” We consider these homes to be shining stars in the community, closely attached to the ‘mother ship’ – our papa kainga group family homes at Homes of Hope. Satellite homes are aligned and join with our whanau of care – a community of passionate, multi-disciplined folks committed to the vision and mission of Whare o te Tumanako.

Providing a home for a child/ren who have experienced abuse or trauma is a challenging but rewarding experience. Every day, people are changing children’s lives by opening up their homes and providing children with a safe, secure, nurturing environment where they can heal and grow.

In 2021 Homes of Hope are expanding their care services once again to children from hard places by recruiting Foster Caregivers able to foster children in their own homes. There are two types of care opportunities:


Transitional care

This is where the tamaiti/tamariki live with a Foster family (Foster Caregivers) in their home while Oranga Tamariki work with their whanau. The child/children will live with the Foster Caregivers until they are able to return to their whanau or to a permanent placement.

Foster Caregivers are provided with a weekend each month of respite whilst the child/children stay with one of Homes of Hope Respite Caregivers for the weekend to give the Foster Caregivers a break.

Foster Caregivers receive Social Work and Behavioural Support from Homes of Hope and on-going training and professional development opportunities.  A generous care allowance is included and provision of resources required for the tamariki to flourish.


Respite Care

Is where the tamaiti/tamariki is already living with a Foster Caregiver and a Homes of Hope Respite Caregiver provides respite for the child/children for one weekend per month.  This is a consistent role, with a view to establishing a supporting therapeutic relationship with both the tamaiti/tamariki and the Foster Caregiver.


Benefits of satellite homes

By investing in specific training and on-going professional development of Foster Caregivers and by providing wrap-around care and support for them, we seek to elevate the standard of  care, we  value the position and the work done through investing in our people, and ensure  that together we deliver excellent care for the children. Other benefits include:


  • Together as a community we can make a lasting difference in the lives of hurting ‘broken’ children.
  • We can positively impact these lives by providing the model, supports and communities of care for the long haul.
  • We offer an opportunity for partnership with us in many forms to see lives changed significantly for the better for the long term.
  • We offer active community support and participation in many ways so that anyone is able to take part in being a part of creating brighter futures for these children.
  • With our commitment to this vision of a great future for these children we will be impacted both individually and collectively.
  • By empowering people and children, at every level of engagement and partnership, lives will be changed, and our country will become a better place. 


How we plan to grow

In 2021 we plan to bring to life a minimum of four Satellite homes within the Bay of Plenty. These homes will be providing loving and consistent Respite Care, and some may provide Transitional Care.  Year on year we would like to continually increase these services to the community by providing further satellite homes to compliment and grow  our ability to care for children from hard places and support their families


Why we need them

In New Zealand there are over 6500 children who are in care. We have the skills, the passion and the ability to provide quality of care for these tamariki/children and to upskill other caring families to also care for children from hard places.  Our entire focus is to assist as many precious tamariki as we can to overcome their trauma experiences and begin to thrive.

We seek to break the cycle where children are often constantly changing homes when in away from home care, where children find it difficult  to settle, make friends and live confidently.

Our Respite Homes are there to support the whanau/kin/families/fostercarers who need ‘a break’ from time to time.  This supports the stability of the permanent placement.

Our Transitional Homes are there to provide support to tamariki who need one-on-one care, or those who are better suited to a smaller family grouping.


Benefits to the community

We seek to support the needs of the tamariki/children and their families/whanau early in their young lives and provide the necessary support, nurture, environment and resources to assist  their recovery from trauma.

Our team of professional people provides the best possible supports, continuity and consistency of care and protection for each child who comes into our care and all those who support them.. Creating Loving Homes

Our ultimate goal is to restore the children’s health and wholeness and prepare each precious tamaiti/child  so that they are able to take their place in society as confident, competent and fulfilled adults. We believe our service is ‘top of the cliff’ for each young life, breaking the cycle and ensuring their lives are positively integrating into their communities, contributing meaningfully and flourishing as they enjoy life.



Creating Loving Homes