Help a child heal through play
Help a child recover from trauma through the healing powers of play therapy

Many of the children that come to Homes of Hope have experienced unimaginable trauma. Some have witnessed unimaginable violence; some have been victims of that violence themselves; some have experienced terrible emotional and physical abuse. As children, it can be difficult for them to understand and express their feelings but through the extraordinary healing powers of play therapy, they can start to deal with the trauma and use their inner resilience to heal.

Please donate today to give more children the opportunity to recover and start on a better path for their future. $95 would fund one session, or an extraordinarily generous donation of $1,140 could fund a whole course of 12 sessions. Thank you for your wonderful generosity.

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Why support Homes of Hope?

We have already cared for over 190 children. Some are now young adults. Here are some of the things they have said:

  • “I was in 52 different homes during my time in care, including four years at Homes of Hope. When I was at Homes of Hope it was the only time I felt like I was home and my siblings and I could all stay together as a family”
  • “The best thing about Homes of Hope was all the love and support everyone had for us kids”
  • “I’m thankful for what Homes of Hope did to my life. Homes of Hope taught me to go down the right path and I have”
  • “Homes of Hope taught me how to love and respect one another and how to ride a bike”