Hilary Price

QSM, Founding Trustee and CEO

Hilary LAV09460

Connecting with children is always a joy! Having worked as a passionate advocate for and with children for over 40 years, in my role as CEO and as a founder of Homes of Hope Charitable Trust, I am extremely blessed and continually challenged to ensure we meet the needs of the tamariki entrusted into our care every day. This is by far the most rewarding, wonderful mahi to have been called to. To grow, lead and support such a wonderful team of committed folks who share Homes of Hope values, vision and mission is magnificent! I now specialise in using Child Centred Play Therapy to support tamariki and their whanau/caregivers. Child Centred Play Therapy offers these children a trusting space and relationship where they can express their thoughts, feelings and behaviours at their own pace and developmental level, leading to deep inner healing. What greater joy and privilege could there be? Caring for children from hard places in Aotearoa continues to inspire us to respond, stretch, and grow; to challenge, advocate and ensure, that these precious taonga are well served.

Nā te Atua, ko te ahurei o te tamaiti arahia o tātou māhi. Let the uniqueness of each child, a gift from God, guide our work.

Rest of the Team

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Perry Bunao

Matai - House Parent

Nick Connal and Sian Tata-Connal

House Parents and Kaitakawaenga
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Bearer of Hope

Christie Leppard

Child Centred Play Therapy Practitioner Trainee
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Carena Grant

Practice Manager
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Tania Bradford

Pauline Nagel

Pauline Nagel

Child Centred Play Therapy (CCPT) Practitioner
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Robyn Walker

Business Manager

Kara Boyes


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