Perry Bunao

Matai - House Parent

Perry LAV00568

Working here in Homes of Hope for our children is at times very challenging. Most of our children that come to us experienced so much trauma, it is not easy to deal with their behaviours at times. But thanks to our team that is very supportive and always there for me to lighten my load. Their love and support make a big difference. My prayer is that God will continue to bring healing and restoration to our children and for us caregivers to have the wisdom and understanding on how to deal in every situation so that we can help them to live a normal life – children who are happy and free.

Rest of the Team

Hilary LAV09460

Hilary Price

QSM, Founding Trustee and CEO

Nick Connal and Sian Tata-Connal

House Parents and Kaitakawaenga
Hope LAV00494


Bearer of Hope

Christie Leppard

Child Centred Play Therapy Practitioner Trainee
Carena (002)

Carena Grant

Practice Manager
Tania Bradford20210806_164638

Tania Bradford

Pauline Nagel

Pauline Nagel

Child Centred Play Therapy (CCPT) Practitioner
Robyn 2 LAV09544

Robyn Walker

Business Manager

Kara Boyes


Sanita Ranapia-Anae