Leave a gift of hope

Giving via an Acorn Endowment Fund

The gift that keeps on giving...

When considering your will, your family and loved ones come first, of course.

Many people find that after they have made provisions for this, they would like to also leave a gift to a cause that is close to their heart.

Leaving a gift to Homes of Hope through the Acorn Endowment Fund is one of the most valuable and lasting ways to support the work we do.

Homes of Hope has already achieved so much, however there is still so much more we can do, and finance is our greatest constraint.

Your generosity provides us with the security of knowing we have ongoing funding and allows us to focus on delivering therapeutic care to the tamariki.

The smarter giving model...

Acorn Foundation's Smarter Giving Model means your donation is pooled and invested in perpetuity, so it continues to grow over the years.

Upon reaching the $50,000 distributions threshold, the investment income is used to make annual distributions to Homes of Hope.

This means that your gift will grow and continue to contribute annually- forever!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions please call us on (07) 578 9826