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You support enables us to provide care and wrap-around support for tamariki, so that they are empowered and equipped to be the leaders of their lives and of their future generations.

As a registered charity we receive only part funding from the government and so we are heavily reliant on the help of people like you. All donations are gratefully received and how you choose to support us is your decision. If you would like to make a regular gift as a Friend of Homes of Hope, or you prefer to make a one off donation to help with our work, please use the form below

Your support enables us to:

  • Provide safe, loving homes for tamariki
  • Help keep siblings together
  • Provide therapeutic support so tamariki can flourish

As a supporter of Homes of Hope you will receive:

  • Regular updates from Homes of Hope
  • Yearly Tax Donation receipt
  • The joy of knowing that your contribution is making a difference to the lives of tamariki in our community

How much should I give?

We are asking people like you to support Homes of Hope by donating a small amount on a regular basis. Many people ask us how much they should give. The answer is, of course, just as much as you feel able to. If you could manage $1 a day, about $30/month, to help us support these children, we would be so grateful, building collective giving to build resilient, happy children here in Aotearoa. This is just a suggestion and the amount you donate remains your decision.

Why support Homes of Hope?

We are making a meaningful difference to the lives of these wonderful tamariki. Some who are now young adults have this to say about the time spent with us:

  • “I was in 52 different homes during my time in care, including four years at Homes of Hope. When I was at Homes of Hope it was the only time I felt like I was home and my siblings and I could all stay together as a family”
  • “The best thing about Homes of Hope was all the love and support everyone had for us kids”
  • “I’m thankful for what Homes of Hope did to my life. Homes of Hope taught me to go down the right path and I have”
  • “Homes of Hope taught me how to love and respect one another and how to ride a bike”