Emil Verster

Emil Verster

As a Trustee of Homes of Hope it is a joy and privilege to play a small part of a bigger team, where our sole mission is “Building our children together”. The Homes of Hope model has demonstrated sector leading outcomes for supporting our little ones that ‘come from hard places’ to achieve their full unique, potential.

Rest of the Team

Hilary LAV09460

Hilary Price

QSM, Founding Trustee and CEO
Perry LAV00568

Perry Bunao

Matai - House Parent
Whaia Mars (2)

Whaea Mar’s

Rata - House Parent
Nick LAV03926

Nick Connal

Caregiver & Kaitakawaenga
Hannah LAV00470

Hannah Blair


Trustis Kiel

Georgina LAV09532

Georgina Perry

Hope LAV00494


Bearer of Hope
Amanda LAV00498

Amanda Gabb

Social Worker
Rosalyn LAV00536

Rosalyn Howard

Social Worker